About SLB HIGHTECH: Partner for complex and certified welding

Achievement of high-quality stainless steel welded assemblies and stainless steel pipe works for the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries.

Certified stainless steel welded assemblies

SLB HIGHTECH's mission is to make an important contribution to the growth and improvement of the Dutch manufacturing industry's leading position. As a first-tier supplier or OEM in the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries, we are your partner of choice for complex and certified custom welding.

We continually invest in people, production resources and techniques, take on complete chain management and regard process and improvement management as core elements. We also build long-term relationships with suppliers, which we select carefully. You can always rely on top-quality welded and pipe works.

Doing what we promise and doing our utmost to exceed expectations is what sets SLB HIGHTECH apart from the rest. Want to know how we do this?

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Part of the SLB GROUP

Along with RIJKERS and RVS NON FERRO, SLB HIGHTECH is part of the SLB Group.

We are three independent business units that utilise a shared production, assembly and installation unit. In addition, all three of us are active in critical industries that have to keep meeting increasingly stringent requirements.

Collaboration with the SLB Group means we can fall back on the specialist expertise within a strong organisation.

Key Personnel

Quality: Not a manual, but a mindset at SLB HIGHTECH

Quality is the foundation of our company. We guarantee that everything we do is done precisely in line with the requirements we agree with you as the client. We make the difference with detailed preparation, an integrated quality system, interim checks and transparent communication.

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Quality and safety:
Not a manual, but a mindset

Quality and safety go hand in hand for us. Together, they form the foundation of our company and the systems we develop.

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The history of SLB HIGHTECH

Our exceptional track record

SLB Hightech is a sister company of RVS NON FERRO. We have been focusing on the development and production of solid solutions in stainless steel and aluminium since 1963. Over the past 30 years, the focus has shifted more to high end, low volume. This is the origin of SLB Hightech. We would like to tell you about our company's rich history.

Historical timeline

Expertise, experience and training

What is the driving force behind SLB HIGHTECH? It’s our employees, the ones who deliver added value with their specialist expertise, qualifications, years of experience and the ability to offer input. That’s why we specifically invest in their development and believe knowledge sharing on the shop floor is important.

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