Certified stainless steel welded assemblies

Our promise to you

Our experience of welding bolsters your quality

The semiconductor industry and pharmaceutical industry have a great deal in common. Both industries place very high demands on machines and installations in terms of quality, safety, hygiene, reliability and sustainability. As a first-tier supplier or OEM in these high-grade industries, you want to be able to rely on meticulous and certified welding for your end product(s). In SLB HIGHTECH, you have a partner with the expertise, capacity and mindset to produce top-quality welded assemblies and pipe works.

We are at your service

As a specialist in high-quality welding, we contribute to the growth of the Dutch manufacturing industry's leading position through intensive collaboration with you. We act as an extension of your organisation, pro-actively offering input to achieve the very best solutions, so that each product always meets the strict safety, purity and quality requirements. That is how we keep your business moving. Whether it concerns welded assemblies and pipe works in stainless steel, aluminium, or other high-grade materials: we are at your service.

Long-term partnerships

We specifically invest in long-term partnerships with you as the client, and certainly with the material suppliers we select carefully. We do this so that you have a single point of contact, one complete supplier throughout the whole process and can rely on top-quality products. We ensure all the welding that leaves us is one hundred per cent in order (first time right and on time).