Quality and safety are in our genes at SLB HIGHTECH

The semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries place very high demands on machines and installations in terms of quality and safety, amongst others. Both elements are of paramount importance to SLB HIGHTECH. Everything we do is done in accordance with strict quality and safety requirements. For example, we use the appropriate material suppliers and actively provide input regarding quality and safety during projects. We also carry out regular checks so that we can meet and exceed your expectations!

How we guarantee quality and safety on every project:

  • All our employees have the appropriate certifications and qualifications.
  • We quickly familiarise ourselves with the applicable client-specific requirements.
  • We invest in processes, qualification methods and quality systems continually.
  • We have an in-house quality manager, welding technologist and several welding inspectors to ensure strict checks on quality, safety and reliability of delivery for each project.
  • We select our suppliers carefully and build partnerships with them so we can achieve the desired result together.
  • We follow the latest developments closely so that we can keep delivering the best work in the future.
  • Continuous improvement is the order of the day for us in which we implement internal optimisations and offer input to organisations regarding (interim) improvements on projects.
  • We specifically invest in long-term partnerships so that we are fully aware of our clients' particular needs and requirements.

Certifications and qualifications

We have all the necessary certificates and qualifications in this area. In addition, we have dedicated employees who continually oversee quality both in ongoing projects and our work processes and systems.

NEN-EN-ISO 3834-2
NEN-EN-ISO 15614-1
Level 1/2 VTw Visual Welding Inspector