Our exceptional track record.

For years, SLB Hightech operated under the auspices of sister company RVS NON FERRO as a reliable partner to OEMs and first-tier suppliers in high-grade industries. We spread our wings in 2021. We now operate as an independent business unit with a focus on the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries.



Wim van Lieshout sets up a small steel construction business. In the early years, his clients are mainly local farmers.



The company leaves the old forge and moves to Groenendal on the Uden industrial estate.


Egbèr joins the company

Egbèr Smits is employed as a bench joiner. It is the start of a successful career: he is now the Director/Owner of SLB Group.


Working with stainless steel

Demand for stainless steel grows. Because this has to be processed separately from carbon steel, the stainless steel welding side is started in a separate hall.


Founding of RVS NON FERRO

The activities are housed within two separate companies: Machinebouw Van Lieshout BV and RVS NON FERRO Wim van Lieshout BV.


Egbèr becomes manager of RVS NON FERRO

On 1 January 1993, Egbèr becomes the manager of RVS NON FERRO Wim van Lieshout. Four people worked there at that time.


RVS NON FERRO continues independently

Egbèr and his wife Jacqueline acquire RVS NON FERRO Wim van Lieshout and continue independently of Machinebouw Van Lieshout. The plan is not to expand for the time being.