Pipe works that meet complex requirements

The semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries place very high demands on pipe works in terms of hygiene, purity and quality. There is no room for errors. That makes the welding of pipe works for these industries a real specialism. It is a specialism that SLB Hightech masters down to the finest details. Our professionals know the guidelines and use the latest technologies. They are also appropriately certified to do this work. We are therefore capable of supplying high-quality products, which are completely in line with your specifications.

A snapshot of our offering

We can produce a wide variety of pipe works, both in respect of dimensions and product type or processing. A snapshot of our offering:

  • We have pipe works with a wall thickness from 1 millimetre to infinity.
  • The pipe works are in various elements, such as stainless steel, aluminium, nickel and super duplex. 
  • We offer a wide range of welding techniques including: TIG welding, TIP-TIG welding, MIG/MAG welding and orbital welding.
  • A well-protected welding environment.
  • Quality assurance and (interim) advice from our own welding technologist and quality manager on every project.
  • Comprehensive quality assurance in every project with the appropriate certifications and qualifications, amongst others.
  • Various ongoing improvement programmes in the organisation for continued quality assurance.
  • Project management: planning, budget monitoring, procurement, work preparation, outsourcing of operations to reliable suppliers (cleaning, machining, electropolishing and grinding), control, post-processing and forwarding.
  • Traceability of materials with the aid of a comprehensive information file and technical construction file.
  • Complete transparency in every project with automated recording of hours worked on all activities throughout the entire process.
  • Open calculation with insight into costs.
  • On-going investment in the experience, training and expertise of our people.

We determine the best solution for the production of pipe works in consultation with you. Want to know what we can do for you? Take advice from one of our specialists. We aim for the most appropriate solution for every challenge.

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