Our focus points.

Four focus points, supported by rock-solid project management.

That is how we make the difference

Process and improvement management

Supplying products that meet your expectations the first time (first time right): that is what we strive for with every order. Process and improvement management is an essential factor in this. How do we do this? By following the correct procedures and offering input regarding any bottlenecks. And by continually focusing on opportunities to improve processes, quality assurance and transparency in processes and costs.

Fully-equipped production facility

A balanced mix of man and machine is essential for producing high-quality pipe works and welded assemblies. In addition to a highly experienced team, SLB Hightech has a fully-equipped production facility and a modern fleet of machines. We continually monitor quality, safety and cost efficiency in the production process. And we focus on experience and training. We therefore have a broad team of production specialists who are supported by an office-based technical team (the technical heart) that provides all theoretical support and guidance. In short, we collectively offer a wealth of experience in the field of high-quality welding.

Supply chain.

The complete supplier of your product, that's us. We make it easy for you from a to z by taking on full chain management, outsourcing external operations to reliable partners and serving as the dedicated point of contact.

Rock solid project management

This is how we make the difference

Quality and safety are our spearheads for producing high-grade products. But we also make a difference with our streamlined project management. Because we organise our processes carefully, we give all aspects the attention they deserve, right down to the finest details. Moreover, as the client – thanks to our high-quality ERP system – you always have an insight into the status and progress of your order.

Certification and traceability.

High demands are placed on machines and installations in the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries. This is reason enough for us to focus on certification and traceability. We have dedicated employees who oversee the necessary expertise, certificates and qualifications on projects. We naturally take client-specific needs and qualifications into account. With traceability in mind, we present the certificates for all components and materials as well as complete identification and registration of the welding for each project.

Quality and safety:
Not a manual, but a mindset

Quality and safety go hand in hand for us. Together, they form the foundation of our company and the systems we develop.

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