Welded assemblies: the most appropriate solution for every challenge

Manufacturing welded assemblies from sheet metal - that is our expertise. This is especially true when it comes to the most specialist and complex welding. Thanks to our specialist expertise in stainless steel, as well as elements like aluminium and nickel, our welding meets the complex standards, tolerances and other requirements that apply in high-grade industries.

Weld shrinkage and weld sequence: essential factors

Weld shrinkage and weld sequence are essential factors when it comes to manufacturing high-quality welded assemblies. At SLB HIGHTECH, we have the professionals and resources to estimate the precise material tolerance to account for weld shrinkage down to the millimetre for every project. And we know exactly which weld sequence – determinative for the planeness and perpendicularity of products – needs to be applied.

Our offerring at a glance

We are able to offer a wide range of welded assemblies both in respect of dimensions and product type or processing. A snapshot of our offering:

  • Assemblies in stainless steel, aluminium, nickel or other elements with a pipe diameter from 8 millimetres to tanks with a capacity of 20 m3.
  • Various welding techniques: TIG welding, TIP-TIG welding, MIG/MAG welding and orbital welding.
  • Welding in a cleanroom, classification 7.
  • Quality assurance and (interim) advice from our own welding technologist and quality manager on every project.
  • Comprehensive quality assurance in every project with the appropriate certifications and qualifications, amongst others.
  • Various ongoing improvement programmes in the organisation for continued quality assurance.
  • Project management: planning, budget monitoring, procurement, work preparation, outsourcing of operations to reliable suppliers (cleaning, machining, electropolishing and grinding), control, post-processing and forwarding.
  • Traceability of materials with the aid of a comprehensive information file and technical construction file.
  • Complete transparency in every project with automated recording of hours worked on all activities throughout the entire process.
  • Open calculation with insight into costs.
  • Continual investment in the experience, training and expertise of our people.

We aim for the most appropriate solution for every challenge. We are happy to offer input into the best custom welding solution. Want to know what SLB HIGHTECH can do for you as a first-tier supplier or OEM? Take advice from one of our specialists.

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