SLB HIGHTECH invests in people

Innovation is the order of the day in the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries. In addition, specific expertise in both realms is required to manage projects successfully. Consider knowledge of standards, new technologies and working methods. We also specifically invest in the development of our people at SLB HIGHTECH. That means added value for our clients, our organisation and, of course, our colleagues.

Specialist in the field

We give all colleagues the opportunity to keep learning. For example, we devise a personal development plan together and encourage knowledge transfer between colleagues. We also welcome apprentices and interns. We benefit from this too since they often look at our processes from a fresh perspective. In addition, we give all our employees the opportunity to attend trade fairs, conferences and other events. And every colleague has the freedom to start improvement programmes and to implement these optimisations.

Win-win situation through the development of expertise

By making big investments in knowledge and expertise, we remain at the forefront of technology and other important developments, such as in the field of sustainability. And we are and remain a reliable partner for our clients. In addition, we enhance our employees' job satisfaction since they get the opportunity to master the latest developments and to develop into specialists in their field. It’s a genuine win-win situation.