Pharmaceutical industry: reliability and hygiene are crucial

Virtually everybody takes medicines at some point. So it is not surprising that the pharmaceutical industry plays an important role in our society. Two elements play a big role in the production of medicines: reliability and hygiene. Manufacturers have to comply with various rules and regulations that ensure consumers can take the end products without risks.

We devote particular attention to reliability and hygiene in the manufacture of welded assemblies and pipe works. That makes us a specialist partner for machine manufacturers (OEMs) in the pharmaceutical industry.

Sheet and piping material that meets the most stringent requirements

We guarantee that all the sheet and piping material we manufacture meet the most stringent requirements,  such as in terms of surface roughness and purity. We also hold the appropriate certifications, only work with the best suppliers and monitor quality continually during projects so that OEMs don't have to worry about anything. And your clients - producers in the pharmaceutical industry - can rely on high-grade machines.

You can count on:

  • Welded assemblies and pipe works in various dimensions and materials.
  • Customisation in every project, taking your specific requirements and procedures into account.
  • Comprehensive project documentation, including the traceability of materials.
  • Quality assurance in every project thanks to the appropriate certificates and qualifications, amongst others.
  • Reliable suppliers that we engage for processing such as cleaning, machining, electropolishing and grinding.