Realization of the propeller cap results in various follow-up orders

Egbèr Smits

Manufacture of large components with high precision: that's our speciality at SLB HIGHTECH. Commissioned by a Finnish company, we looked after the detailed engineering, production, assembly and transportation of a propeller cap with a diameter of 150cm to an accuracy of just +/- 0.3mm.

The Finnish client specialises in the building of engines and propellers for ships and power plants. This propeller cap forms an important part of a specific energy-saving type of propeller. It is mounted directly behind the propeller and, using its slightly conical shape, the generated water flow is fed directly to a corresponding rudder. This results in large fuel savings.

High-Quality welding

Very sophisticated design implementation, coupled with the complexity and quality of the welding was crucial to the work of SLB HIGHTECH. Originally, the propeller cap consists of three straight parts. High quality welding by our technicians ensured exactly the right curvature. In the longitudinal direction, the propeller cap consists of two parts. The assembly requires a very specialised welding.

Detailed engineering and transportation

Our client provided the propeller cap design. SLB HIGHTECH was responsible for the detailed engineering, manufacture, assembly and transportation. After successful completion of the first project, Wärtsilä provided more information about several follow-up contracts for new propeller caps. SLB HIGHTECH also took care of packaging and transportation to destinations all over the world.

Manageable processes

A project like this, where advanced welding techniques and extreme accuracy come together, fits perfectly with the speciality of SLB HIGHTECH. The precision with which we worked cannot only be seen in the final product. The associated processes also show great attention to detail. We drew up a very well thought-out process in order to meet the requirements and to make all of our work fully controllable and manageable.

The facts

  • Realization of propeller cap for Finnish client
  • Diameter 150cm, accuracy +/- 0.3mm
  • Detailed engineering, manufacture, assembly and transport
  • Welding carried out in accordance with EN 3834-2
  • Processes fully controllable and manageable

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