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Egbèr Smits

In industries where the bar is set very high, SLB HIGHTECH is at its best. For example, think of the aerospace industry. We have been developing and manufacturing various component parts for Fokker Landing Gear for many years. This means small production runs that meet very strict standards. Perfect risk management and total precision are essential.

SLB HIGHTECH is a Fokker Landing Gear preferred supplier. With every component that we develop and produce, risk management is a key element. Using rigorous procedures and total precision, we can guarantee consistent quality. 'Zero defect' is the norm. By making processes controllable and manageable from beginning to end, we ensure that each step can be retraced. From the origin of materials to the hours worked and the work activities that have been carried out. We buy project-specific materials with material certificates.

Perfect risk management

Of course, we work in accordance with the specifications, material requirements, standards and certification that are required for the aerospace industry. For example, only materials that comply with the Aerospace Material Specifications (AMS-standards) are used. All materials, operations, and work activities are carefully documented. For example, SLB HIGHTECH works with Certificates of Conformity (CoC) and First Article Inspection reports. A crucial basis for perfect risk management.

Strong organisation

SLB HIGHTECH stands for a guarantee of sound project management and careful communication. At the base of this is a strong organisation, with people who know their responsibility and never drop their guard. High-quality expertise, excellent process control and our strength in solution-oriented thinking make us a reliable partner for those in the aviation industry who have high demands.

De feiten op een rij

  • Commissioned by: Fokker Landing Gear
  • Various component parts for landing systems
  • Detailed engineering, production and assembly
  • Welding in accordance with EN 3834-2
  • Processes fully controllable and manageable
  • Certificates of Conformity (CoC) and FAI reports
  • Work activities on a contract basis

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